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Join us as we take a look back at one of THE most iconic Superyacht deliveries to ever take place.

In this insightful video recently published by the HEESEN team, we get to see the magic ingredients that went into the construction of the fastest superyacht in the world!

It's hard to believe that this happened way back in 1988 before the advent of computer aided design, and during such an embryonic time for the superyacht industry.

Project “Octopussy” came to fruition through the passion, commitment and self-belief of an incredibly bold shipyard, designers, and engineers led by Frank Mulder and the inimitable Frans Heesen.

Built in aluminium and stretching 44m in length, she tore up the shipbuilding rule book, and placed Heesen on the map for good. Now 30 years on, our friends at Heesen celebrate Octopussy in an original documentary that tells the story of how the iconic yacht first came to be.

With early sea-trials recording an unbelivable 53.17 knots we encourage you to sit back and watch this piece of Yachting history.