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As per tradition, the SYM Superyacht Management team reflects upon the previous year’s work. Despite facing a number of upheavals in 2021, we are proud to say that we had another very successful year, with our clients buying and selling over €220 million worth of yachts.

As felt by most businesses, the ever-changing environment continued to pose unforeseen challenges at every turn in 2021. The impact of 2020 had, of course, left us unsteady for the year ahead, however, innovative thinking and an intense passion for what we do, guided us to fitting solutions. 

It has been very positive to witness the perseverance from the yachting industry as a whole, with both brands, and individuals, motoring their way through the turbulent conditions. 

On behalf of the whole team here at SYM Superyacht Management, we would like to express our huge appreciation to all our clients, captains, crew, shipyards, and suppliers for your ongoing support during the past year. 

We head into the New Year with great optimism for what is to come. 2021 was another whirlwind of a year. 2022, we are ready for you.