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When the phone rang with this enquiry we realised quite quickly this was another “Special Project” for the SYM compliance team !

Originally built as a private vessel in 2010, Lady Grey had only ever operated privately so when the owners decided to put her up for sale the potential pool of buyers was fairly limited and they subsequently experienced delays in selling as most people believed she could not be coded for charter.

On further inspections, investigations and long nights reading through code requirements we quickly realised that despite a lack of paperwork the vessel was built very closely to the commercial code so we set to work with the buyer and his broker Harry Bristow Holmes from Bristow Holmes in determining the feasibility and cost of making this change of use happen.

As the deal progressed we were then delighted to then be appointed as the “Class/Flag refit managers” for this in-depth project to achieve commercial status to allow her to charter. 

We look forward to working alongside the buyers team over the coming weeks to make this happen.