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Monaco Grand Prix
Monaco Grand Prix

This years Monaco Grand prix saw no fewer than 6 of the SYM managed fleet (from 27 to 50 Metres in length)taking up pole position in the principality for this years race. Work started several months ago to secure the berths for what is still the most glamorous F1 race in the calendar. Behind the scenes the SYM team have been busy ensuring the vessels are ready to go as the season starts with a bang. This includes recruiting crew, over-seeing planned maintenance, sourcing of large tenders, nightclub bookings, restaurant reservations, helicopter transfers and apartment rentals for additional guests. 
Some of the more interesting requests this year included the organization of a themed party onboard with entertainment provided by a well known band. Top class magicians and additional offsite catering to support the yachts during this period of high useage.
One client even requested that we arrange for the rental of several Classic cars for him and his friends to tour the local areas before arriving in style into Casino Square. Well done to Polly who has excelled once again with making the whole weekend such a success for so many people.